Safety Training Has No Age Limits


"Safety Training Plus specializes in offering a complete set of adult safety training courses and youth safety training courses from First Aid and CPR to Working at Heights to the Babysitting Course - aimed at keeping every worker safe - no matter their age. "

- Laurie Davis, Owner of Safety Training Plus

Adult Safety Training Sudbury & Northern Ontario

Standard First Aid and CPR/AED

emergency first aid training sudbury safety training plusLearn to recognize and provide interventions for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives. Learn more >

Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED

first aid sudburyThe Emergency First Aid course is geared towards educating citizens about the prevention of emergencies and how to react to an emergency should one arise. Learn More >>

Working At Heights- MOL approved

working at heights training sudbury northern ontarioIncludes the basic information about how to work at heights safely, as well as practical application of skills. Learn More >>

Confined Space Entry Training Courses

confined space entry training sudbury safety training plusConfined space entry is a hazardous and highly regulated activity. Confined space entry training is a requirement of the confined space regulations. Learn More >>

Online Chainsaw Safety Courses

Increase understanding of the dangers of chainsaws and the steps required to operate them safely. Learn More >>

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Youth Safety Training Sudbury & Northern Ontario

Pediatric/Baby First Aid and CPR Workshop

Parents and caregivers learn how to do CPR on your baby or toddler in real life situations. Learn more >

Toddler First Aid and CPR Workshop

toddler cpr sudburyLearn how to conduct CPR on your toddler and react in emergency situations. Learn More >>

Babysitting with First Aid and CPR Course

babysitting course sudburyLearn to change and feed a baby, keeping toddlers safe from choking, First Aid and CPR. Learn More >>

The Home Alone Course with First Aid

home alone course sudburyEducate your youth to be safe and confident when they are home alone before and after school hours, PA Days and School holidays. Learn More >>

Student Safety Training

Whether you are looking to start your first part-time job, a volunteer position or a high-school co-op placement, prepare to work safely. Learn More >>

Sudbury First Aid and CPR Training Courses

Looking for adult safety training courses such as first aid training, CPR training, health and safety training? Contact Safety Training Plus today to find out more.

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