About Us

Safety Training Plus is a complete Health & Safety Training Solution for Youth & Adult Courses. We Specialize in our one of a kind Youth Safety Training Courses from...Baby and Toddler First Aid & CPR, Babysitting and the Home Alone Course, Lil Tykes and Wilderness First Aid Safety Courses, Safe Food Handling and Cooking Classes.... ALL GEARED TO KIDS!!!


Welcome To Safety Training Plus. Our goal is to see that every Youth or Adult who take our courses learn one important lesson... Being Safe!

Safety Training Plus offers over 11 Youth Safety Training Courses/Workshops to Educate our Youth on Safety, Confidence Building, Managing Safe Surroundings and learning what to do should an emergency arise.

 Our Mission is SIMPLE..... "Keeping Our Youths Safe.... One Child at a time!!!!"

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Our Certifications

We are certified to teach:

  • Pediatric/Toddler First Aid and CPR
  • Babysitting First Aid /CPR - Safe Food Handling & Cooking Course
  • Babysitting Graduate Program with First Aid/CPR -Safe Food Handling & Cooking Course
  • Home Alone First Aid Safety Course 
  • Lil Tykes First Aid Safety Course
  • Youth Wilderness First Aid Survival Course
  • Youth Safe Food Handling & Cooking Course
  • Youth & Teen- Anxiety, Stress & Life Coping Workshop
  • Youth Safety Workshops
  • Highschool Co-op ready placement~ Young & New Workers
  • Workplace Violence & Sexual Harassment Course
  • Emergency and Standard First Aid and CPR/AED/BVM
  •  Confined Space Awareness and Entry