Babysitting with First Aid and CPR Course with Safe Food Handling and Cooking: Ages 10 and up

The Babysitting course with First Aid and Infant and Child CPR and Safe Food Handling and Cooking, is designed to educate our youth to make good decisions and will help build their confidence in their skills and ability to be a successful babysitter. By learning first aid babysitters are equipped to deal with scrapes, falls, nose bleeds, a non-breathing child, choking, anaphylactic emergency, seizures, cuts and more.

Safe food handling and cooking is taught in our courses in a hands-on, interactive part of the course to educate our babysitters on portion control, proper food bite sizes for kids, healthy choices and handling food safely.

Our Babysitting Course includes: 

  • Babysitting Business cards to start your own babysitting business

  • A Babysitting Certificate of Completion

  • A Babysitting Mini First Aid Kit

  • Lunch is included- no need to bring a lunch to class

The cost of the Babysitting Course with First Aid/CPR and Safe Food Handling and Cooking is: $ 55.00 plus HST.

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Babysitting Course Upcoming Courses


Saturday Nov 10th 9:30 am to 4 pm

Friday Nov 30th PA Day 9:30 to 4 pm

Friday Nov 30th PA Day LEGION in ESPANOLA 9:30 to 4 pm