Babysitting with First Aid and CPR Course: Ages 10 and up


The Babysitting course with First Aid and Infant and Child CPR , is designed to educate our youth to make good decisions and will help build their confidence in their skills and ability to be a successful babysitter. By learning first aid babysitters are equipped to deal with scrapes, falls, nose bleeds, a non-breathing child, choking, anaphylactic emergency, seizures, cuts and more.

Sibling Care: This course also covers the important step when a child starts to babysit or help look after a younger sibling, which they do at the age of 10. Even if it is just so mom or dad can run outside and cut the lawn without having to haul a 2-year-old with them, or for parents with a 7 and 10-year-old, who no longer want to pay for before and after school daycare.

We teach the 10-year old’s what to do if they miss the bus, if they come home and can’t find their key to the house, or maybe it is just to have your 10 year old babysit their 6 year old brother for a few hours on a Saturday morning.

We teach the kids how to get along with their sibling, how to keep them safe, and how to use these new skills to better be able to handle babysitting younger kids when they get a bit older. Having a 10-year-old babysit a younger sibling saves on daycare costs for parents, teaches the kids about responsibility and working together.

Our Babysitting Course includes: 

  • Babysitting Business cards to start your own babysitting business

  • A Babysitting Certificate of Completion

  • A Babysitting Mini First Aid Kit

The cost of the Babysitting Course with First Aid/CPR is: $ 55.00 plus HST in Sudbury area, $60.00 plus HST out of town. 



Babysitting Course Upcoming Course Dates:

Course Dates:
Sat July 20th 930-4 pm Lasalle Youth Training Centre
Thursday July 25th 930-4 pm Valley Library
Sat Aug 10th 930-4 pm Lasalle Youth Training Centre
Wed Aug 21st 930-4pm Lasalle Youth Training Centre
Tues Sept 3rd PA Day 930-4 pm Lasalle Youth Training Centre




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