Safety Courses


The funny thing is, Training actually works!

Youth Training Program- Babysitting Course with Child and Baby CPR…With Safe Food Handling & Cooking Aged 10 and Up

Our interactive hands on learning, is designed to educate our youth to make good babysitting decisions and build their confidence in their skills.  Learn new skills ranging from changing and feeding a baby, keeping toddlers safe from choking and how to perform Child and Baby First Aid and CPR. This course is 6.5 hours long. Learn More >>

Youth Training Program- Home Alone Course ages 9 and Up!

The Home Alone Course will educate your youth to be safe and confident when they are Home Alone. Every year parents find themselves having to strike a balance between work hours and before and after school hours, PA Days and School holidays with this difficulty often manifesting itself in the form of a couple of hours where the parents can’t be with their child. This 3 hour course will teach them how to be Home Alone. Learn More >>

Student Safety Training Programs

Whether you are looking to start your first part time job, a volunteer position or a high-school co-op placement, Safety Training Plus provides the missing link in how we prepare students to work safely. Our Student Safety Training Programs consisting of Ministry of Labour Worker Awareness Training, Young Workers Awareness Training, Workplace Violence and Harassment Training and WHMIS training are aimed at educating our students to return home safely, after EVERY shift. This 4.5 hour course is a must for a students resume. Learn More >>

Job Ready Safety Training Courses

Safety Training Plus understands that with a constant ever changing economy many of us at one point in our careers have been job hunting for one reason or another. Some people have not looked for a new job for years, where do you start? There are jobs out there, but the important question is do you qualify for them, do you have the right training skills? How do you start to beef up your resume without having to take a expensive courses? Our Top Job Ready Safety Courses will assist you in updating your Resume Skill Sets with; Ministry of Labour Worker Awareness Training, Workplace Violence and Harassment Training, WHMIS, Resume Writing and Interviewing strategies, coupled with direct access to hiring recruiters. This 8 hour course is a must to anyone wanting to “skills” up their resume.