Kids Cooking Classes  and Safe Food Handling Classes Ages 7 and up!!!

Learning to cook helps our youth learn about nutrition and healthy eating in our interactive, hands-on student participation classes. Teaching kids to cook and safe food handling will help to instill skills to last them a lifetime.

In our Youth Cooking Class, kids get a hands on approach in a fun interactive environment.
Prices: $ 30.00 plus HST per session


March Classes: 

Sat March 9th 10 am to 12 noon- Fun Desserts and Snacks to bring to school- Croissant Sandwiches, Gooey Chex-Mex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars, Home Made Trail Mix.


Sat March 30th 10 am to 12 noon- Breakfast Brunch… Now this you will want the kids to make at home…. Tex-Mex Breakfast Sliders, Hash-Brown Enchilada Breakfast Casserole, Fruity Pancake Tacos


April Classes:

Saturday April 13th 10 am to 12 noon – Foods Kids love to eat!!!!! Delicious home made Mac and Cheese, Yummy Chicken wings and the best chocolate dessert ever….


Sat April 27th 10 am to 12 noon- Bring on the Pasta!!!! Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Bread with cheese and Home Made Caesar Salad.


May Classes:

Sat May 11th 10 am to 12 noon… Now this is cooking!!!! Best Cheeseburgers ever….. Delicious…… Fries Supreme and milkshakes.


Sat May 18th 10 am to 12 noon How to Get Kids to Eat Veggies: Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera, Garlic Bread with cheese and bacon and ice cream sundaes.



Sat June 1st – 10 am to 12 noon… Ol La Mexican!!!! Taco Bowl, Quick chicken Quesadillas and Fruit Dessert Pizza.


Sat June 15th 10 am to 12 noon… Now this you will want to make again!!!! Spaghetti Pizza, Caesar Salad and Chocolate Brownies Supreme.