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11 Different Finger Foods for Babies

Are you trying to think of some interesting finger foods for your baby but keep getting stuck on simple banana or cheese? It’s hard to think outside the box and come up with interesting snacks for babies, especially if your little one doesn’t have any teeth. Here are 11 different finger food combinations for babies with no teeth.

If you want some different flavour combos to try out with your baby, we have a list of 11 different finger food combinations to try.

If you are babysitting or looking after a baby when you are home alone, make sure that any foods given to the baby are small enough for them to eat without choking, and ensure any hard foods are cooked enough to be soft for baby.

Here are 11 different finger food combinations for babies with no teeth.

  • Cheddar cheese and figs
  • Swiss cheese and apricots
  • Roast chicken and plums
  • Cheese omelet and turkey sausage
  • Elbow pasta with marinara sauce and cheese toast
  • Avocado and sweet potato
  • Green beans and pears
  • Butternut squash and peaches
  • Carrots and apple
  • Banana and cherries
  • Fresh mozzarella and tomato

Remember when trying new foods with your baby to introduce one food at a time to watch for allergies. Once you see that your child is ok with the new food that was introduced (wait 2-3 days for any reactions), you can go ahead and try another new food to your baby.

Trying new foods can be fun and exciting, so try making it fun for you and your baby and try the food combinations together! Allow your baby to take their time, play, test it out and have fun. If your baby doesn’t seem to like the food at first, try introducing it again later.

Do you have any go-to finger food choices for your baby? We would love to hear your ideas for delicious finger food choices for your baby!

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