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INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST YOUTH SAFETY COURSE… BABY AND ME!!!! We help to give new parents peace of mind when they need it most!!!

This course is designed for new parents who have little to no experience with a baby.. a perfect course for gaining confidence and skills needed to take care of a baby!!! A young parent who is having a baby and has no experience would benefit greatly from this course….any new parent that is unsure of how to care for a baby this course is for them- in a safe and welcoming hands on learning environment!!! This course has been popular with both grandparents and other care givers…
Emergencies happen every day to every parent, such as: Choking, not Breathing, or Febrile Convulsions/seizures… But how prepared are you if a baby or child was suffering from one of these life-threatening scenarios, would you know how to save a child’s life?

As a leading expert in safety training, our instructors will educate and empower parents and caregivers to care for a baby/toddler when an emergency occurs.
Our Training Workshops put parents and caregivers with their baby and/or toddler through hands on real life scenarios to learn strategies for providing care; baby swings, highchairs, bouncy chairs and even toy play can quickly turn into an emergency if a child swallowed a small part or spiked a high fever that lead to a febrile seizures while a baby was in a high chair. Again, would you know what to do?

Learn First Aid and CPR strategies on how to respond to an emergency in the critical moments before help arrives by being calm, and in control… because the first few minutes after an accident or medical injury really do make all the difference for a baby or child.
Also including Topics:
• Stroller safety
• Recognizing hazards that babies face
• How to demonstrate safe practices for a baby
• First aid- Choking, burns, seizures, high fevers
• CPR for Infant and Toddlers