Pediatric/Baby First Aid and CPR Workshop

Learn how to do CPR on your baby or toddler in real life situations, with your baby in class with you. 

Pediatric/Toddler First Aid and CPR Safety Course .. Perfect for Mom’s, Dad’s & Grandparents, Single Parent, Teen Parent, Foster Parents....


Pediatric and Toddler First Aid and CPR workshop...
If your child was in danger, would you know how to Respond or would you be left just watching feeling helpless and terrified?

Emergencies happen every day to every parent, such as: Choking, Not Breathing, or Febrile Convulsions/seizures- But, how prepared are you if a baby or child was suffering from one of these life-threatening scenarios, would you know how to save a child’s life?


Safety Training Plus is proud to announce our Pediatric/Baby and Toddler First Aid Workshops. As a leading expert in safety training, our instructors will educate and empower parents and caregivers to care for a baby/toddler when an emergency occurs.


Our Training Workshops put parents and caregivers with their baby ( or you can use our infant mannequins) and or toddler through hands on real life scenarios to learn strategies for providing care; baby swings, highchairs, bouncy chairs and even toy play can quickly turn into an emergency if a child swallowed a small part or spiked a high fever that lead to a febrile seizures while a baby was in a high chair. Again, would you know what to do?


Topics include:
- Infant and Child CPR
- Bleeding
- Burns
- High fever/febrile convulsions
- Child Feeding and Allergic Reactions 

- Child Development
- Conscious and unconscious choking and more


Learn First Aid and CPR strategies on how to respond to an emergency in the critical moments before help arrives by being calm, and in control… because the first few minutes after an accident or medical injury really do make all the difference for a baby or child.


We offer training in our infant/toddler training room or offsite private courses are also available. We educate parents and caregivers, Grandparents, young parents, foster parents, daycare educators and even experienced parents to be confident and effective in an emergency. You can chose to bring your baby or Toddler with you, they can play while you learn, or you are welcome to use our Baby mannequins for training practice. 




Courses are held at our Adult and Youth Training Centre at 2141 Lasalle Blvd Unit 6. 
Course cost per adult: $ 49.00 PLUS HST


Upcoming Training Dates: 

Wednesday, October 16th - 5:30pm to 730pm

Sunday, November 10th - 930am to 11:30am

Wednesday, November 20th - 5:30pm to 7:30pm


**Pre Registration required**

We will empower you to save a childs life with confidence and the knowledge to prevent injuires from happening.

- Safety Training Plus

Parents and caregivers learn how to do First Aid and CPR on your baby or toddler in real life situations with your baby/toddler in class with you. We will empower you to save a child's life with confidence and the knowledge to prevent injuries from happening. 


Pediatric and Toddler First Aid and CPR Workshop- Courses are offered weekday for parents/caregivers on maternity leave, weeknight so both parents/caregivers can attend and weekends so parents/caregivers and grandparents call all learn these life-saving skills together.

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