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How to Organize Your Life with a Newborn Baby

Having a baby is a huge life event and caring for a newborn baby is amazing, yet can feel chaotic and unorganized. Quick errands are turned into an afternoon event.  Don’t worry, it’s not just you!

There are a few things to do to add a little organization into your life so you can spend more time enjoying your baby and less time fretting about everything else.

Save time

Stop wasting time searching for things you use often, like baby wipes, powder and diaper cream. Create a portable tote to keep in the living room and bedroom. If you also have a toddler, create plastic bins filled with his/ her favorite toys and activities so they can easily find on their own, even if you are busy.

Organize and clear clutter

Store your child’s outgrown clothes in large plastic and label them with the correct sizing’ 0 to 3 months, 6 to 9 months, etc. You’ll be amazed how quickly they grow out of a size and you can easily loan the clothes, or take them to a consignment shop.

Smart appointments

Schedule any doctor’s appointments for your little one for first thing in the morning. You’re less likely to have a long wait.

Organized diaper bag

Organize your diaper bag. A fully stocked and functional diaper bag is a must. You want to have everything you might need, but also easily accessible for when you’re in a hurry. You don’t want to have to be taking all the items out to get to the bottom.

Make sure you have a set of clean clothes for your baby, a clean shirt for you, plenty of diapers and wipes, and a plastic bag for soiled clothing.

Consider also keeping a spare bag in your car with extra supplies.

Schedule tracking

Track your baby’s schedule. When you’re tired and getting up a lot in the night, remembering the last time you fed or changed your baby can be tough. Using a simple notepad or chart that you can hang on the wall in your baby’s room can help track your baby’s schedule so that if you do have someone coming over the look after him or her, you can easily let them know their schedule.

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